Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tony Moly GT05 - Jupiter

I am becoming hopelessly addicted to foreign polish. The latest addition to my stash is from Korea, Tony Moly GT05 Jupiter. It's part of the 5-piece Galaxy Collection, which also features GT01 Mercury, GT02 Earth, GT03 Mars, and GT04 Neptune. I really wanted all of them, but since I don't wear glitter as often as I once did, I opted to just get Jupiter.

Jupiter is predominantly purple glitter, but there's a bunch of blue glitter thrown in there too, and some coppery glitter as well. The base is a purple jelly, so the color builds really well. This is two coats, though I've read of some folks getting away with one coat.

I absolutely love the way the blue glitter especially pops against the purple. Just lovely.

The one thing I'm not crazy about is that Jupiter is a very, very thirsty glitter. I topped these two coats with one coat of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails and two coats of Pro FX quick dry, and by this morning it was back to feeling gritty and lumpy. This is one of the reasons why I don't wear glitters as much as I used to. I don't even think that using Gelous under my top coat would have prevented this one from getting gritty again.

But still, she's a beauty. I think next time I'll probably try layering it over a purple creme to see if having less glitter on the nail stops it from being quite so thirsty. 

Happy Wednesday, and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. love this!! i really loved this set on another blog and have been wanting at least some of them ever since!

  2. Ah-MAZE-balls! Gorgeous beyond belief! Jessie has my Jupiter, and I'm DYING to try it out!!

  3. This is gorgeous. I just wish glitter wasn't such a pain to remove because I just love wearing it!

  4. Stop the Tony Moly craze! I can't afford these lemmings! This is amazingly gorgeous.

  5. @Fingers TY! =)

    @Jacki Yeah, I saw these on Stef's blog first and lemmed them instantly!

    @Sarah Thanks, I love it!

    @Courtney OMG, go get it back, lol!

    @deja vu Use the foil method! I fear no glitter!

    @ALY Thank you, it really is a beauty!

    @Laura It was only $10! ^_^

  6. Wow!!!!!! so awesome! love it!

  7. I really love all these Tony Moly polishes in this Galaxy Collection. If I could buy them all I would! They look so awesome! One day I'm going to cave and get one. They seem very unique too.

  8. I was lucky enough to swap for this polish recently. I can't wait till my index finger grows out from a break to try it. These are amazing pics!


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