Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Orly Sweet Peacock

Like yesterday's beauty, Fowl Play, Sweet Peacock is from Orly's Birds of a Feather collection.

Sweet Peacock is a gorgeous medium blue... foil? Metallic? I'm not sure which this is... perhaps it's both. =) I have a ton of blues, but somehow nothing like this in my collection.

Great formula, two easy coats. A little brush-strokey, but nothing I can't handle.

I even got a compliment on this one. I had to sign for a package today (my Ozotics *squee*) and my mailman goes, "Hey, nice nails!" ^_^

Absolutely gorgeous. I think this might be my next pedi!

Happy Hump Day. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Gorgeous!!

    I have Swimsuit...Nailed It, and I kind of want this one, too!

    It seems a little brighter.

  2. Ooohzotics! I'm excited for you, those are so gorgeous! That is a very entrancing, foily? blue. :o

  3. I'm tempted to pick up this collection because I am a bird fanatic. This swatch only makes me want Sweet Peacock more!

  4. I had this in my hand when I bought my other ones and put it back....dammit, now I am regretting it! Beautiful on you!!

  5. @Paillette Yes, this one is a good bit brighter than the OPI. That's part of why I got this one instead. =)

    @Jacki ^_^

    @royalmilktea Yes, my Ozotics! *\o/* It was so hard for me to take Sweet Peacock off, but I just had to take 518 for a spin!

    @TA Oh, I would totally get at least Fowl Play and Sweet Peacock in that case... at least!

    @Maribeth Thank you, sweet lady! You definitely shouldn't have put this one back... lol. =)

  6. Well, stick a fork in me ... I officially need this now. :p Thanks, friend! It looks gorgeous on you.

  7. Such a pretty foil looking polish!

  8. curses it's pretty! Now I want it :\ I still dont have bubbly bombshell or the green glitter from the last collection!


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