Thursday, August 11, 2011

OPI Glacier Bay Blues

I'm obviously continuing my theme of pining for colder weather. Yesterday it was Frostbite + Crystal, and today it's Glacier Bay Blues. =)

Glacier Bay Blues is a discontinued polish from OPI's 2004 Canadian Collection. It's hard to find now, though not ridiculously so. I was lucky enough to swap for it a few weeks ago (Thanks, Nan!), and today was the day I finally took it for a spin.

I just love bottle shots of this baby. *sigh* Glacier Bay Blues is a green and blue duochrome shimmer. It's not the strongest duochrome that I own by any means, but I absolutely love the blue flash of this polish in particular.

It's an inky blue with a lot of depth, almost purple in some lights.

The green mainly comes out to play when I hold my nails at a fairly extreme angle to the light source.

The formula, like most old black label OPIs, is just luscious. I was worried about opacity on this one, but this is two coats. It glides on so smooth and perfect, it almost makes me wish all polishes were still laced with the old chemicals. =)

So there you have it, Glacier Bay Blues. If you like duochromes at all, I'd suggest finding this one before it becomes very, very, very hard to find. It really is a beauty.

As always, thanks for stopping by! *goes back to daydreaming of glaciers*
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  1. Is it normal that I feel proud to be Canadian after seeing this post. Droooool.

  2. Found multiple bottles of this at a dusty last December and I didn't think much of it. I don't regret it, though, as I'm sure it wouldn't look half as good on me as it does on you :).

  3. Lovely! This is one of the first OPIs I bought. :)

  4. Excellent photos!!!

    Really a beautiful polish and you do a great job!!!

  5. This is gorgeous, thanks so much for swatching! :)

  6. Been eying this one for a little while now, may have to find myself a bottle! Very lovely.

  7. very pretty! I need to get this somehow

  8. @annie I think it's totally normal! I'd be proud to be Canadian anyway, I think! =)

    @Periwinkle I'm sure it would look pretty on you as well, but thank you. ^_^

    @Solveig Success! I'm glad you own it, I love it so much. =)

    @Paillette Aw, thank you so much!!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous =D

    @All The Pretty Polish You are most welcome, and thank you guys for reading! =)

    @royalmilktea Oh yes, get it if you can!

    @hermetic It's still popping up pretty regularly, at least it's not reached the point of being ridiculous to find yet. =)


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