Are your nails real?
Yes, they sure are. I'm genetically blessed with strong, healthy nails. Of course, I do take care of my nails, but most of the work is done for me. 

Why nail polish?
First and foremost, I love color. I think it's because I'm an artist, and nail polish is a way for me to take the colors with me and enjoy them all day, no matter where I am. It can also be a relatively inexpensive hobby compared to lots of things, especially if you're careful about sales and promotions. There's also something very calming for me about sitting down and polishing my nails. We all love different things, and polish is my passion. 

Do you have other hobbies?
Oh, absolutely! As I mentioned above, I'm also an artist. I paint, I draw, I use colored pencils, I sculpt. Basically anything creative, and I'm there. I'm also a voracious reader, and I love video games. I love to cook. I think I'm a pretty well rounded person. =) 

Have you always done your own nails?
I was a nail biter until I was 16. When I stopped, I was shocked to find that I actually had really decent nails. I started doing my own nails then. I went through a phase in my 20s where I got my nails done professionally every week, and I think that was what really started my love affair with polish. I stopped doing my nails for a long time for a variety of reasons, but I came back to doing my own nails a little over a year ago, and I've never been happier with where my nails are. 

Do you actually do anything with your hands?
Yes, I actually have had people snark at me because they think I'm sitting around eating bon bons all day. The truth is, I do all the normal things. I cook. I clean. I wash dishes. I type for a living. Am I careful with my nails? Of course. I don't use them to open packages or soda cans. But I don't sit around not using my hands either.

It must be nice to have so much time to do your nails.
Okay, this one is less a question than it is more snark. But I thought I'd address it anyway. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect. It takes me about 30 minutes to do my nails, including removing old polish and doing clean up afterwards - and there are lots of girls who are even faster than me. Quick dry top coats mean that the polish dries pretty fast, so we're talking about maybe an hour investment total every few days. I can budget an hour to do something I truly love.

What products do you use?
I actually made a separate page for that. See my Stuff I Love page. =) 

Thanks for reading! I'm sure I'll be adding more things to this page as more questions come up. You can always feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Pin It