Monday, August 8, 2011

Kiss Nail Art Paint - Soft Blue SPA22

Yes, this is nail art polish. Yes, the kind with the little skinny brush for striping and whatnot. I decanted it into a NY Color bottle 'cause I like their brush, and the bottle was the right size for two of the little nail art bottles of this polish.

I ended up with two bottles of it in a multipack with Soft Purple, which I wanted because of its dupeyness to Illamasqua Jo'mina. Soft Purple was such a massive fail on me that I didn't even take pictures of it. To say it did not work on my skin tone is an understatement. It made me look like a zombie with dirty hands. o.O

I guess maybe all zombies have dirty hands, now that I think about it. Seriously. I showed it to my brother and he went, "Um, your hands look dead." I took it off immediately. It has gone to live with someone else. On her, it does not make her look like a zombie with dirty hands. I know, I've seen the pictures.

But I ended up with this, so I guess all's well that ends well? This is lovely. The formula is freaking fantastic, two effortless coats. I'm sure it's not the most unique snowflake, but I don't have an exact dupe in my stash. I'm very happy with it. And it doesn't give me zombie hands.

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  1. That is SO PRETTY on you! :) Is there a blue you don't like?

    While I think it's a tragedy that the Jo'Mina dupe turned you into a zombie, it's also a little funny to think about the different colors that give everyone zombie hands. Mine = Essie St. Lucia Lilac. EW. GROSS. YUCK.

  2. @Rach I've had a few blues that didn't wow me, but overall blue just works reeeeeallly well with my skintone. =) It was indeed a tragedy that the Jo'mina dupe let to zombie hands, but not as much of a tragedy as if I'd pay $14 for the real thing LOL. I'd never had zombie hands before, it was scary. o.O I think that those lilac shades can be tough for a lot of people to pull off!

  3. That color is gorgeous!


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