Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Purple Pizzazz

*sigh* I wanted to get pics of this in the sun for you guys. I put the polish on, the sun went behind the clouds, it began to storm, and the sun was not to be seen here again. Then I chipped it making dinner and doing dishes, so I'm sorry that all I have is lightbox pictures. Not that they're bad, but this is a purple jelly with fine pink glitter/shimmer, and I couldn't capture the shimmer at all. This is three coats. The shimmer is probably more evident at two coats, but I can't stand visible nail line, so 3 coats it was! Very nice formula, nice squishy jelly! And a cheap thrill - I got it at Walgreen's when they were 2 for $4. Hard to beat that! Anyway, enjoy the pics, sorry about the lack of sun!

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  1. I just ordered Milani's Totally Cool while they were doing free shipping US (been wanting it for ages!) and from what I can tell this has a really similar look. Love the almost cobalt jelly base, and glitter, yum!

  2. pizzazzzzzz!! zzzzzzzzz... i like that :D

  3. Beautiful colors it's such a pretty purple kind of color!

  4. I love PP! It's so squishy and glittery! Yum! :D

  5. I have this and LOVE it! I also got it when it was only $2! Very pretty in the sun, but I can see some glitters in your 3rd picture!

  6. @royalmilktea I should have ordered Totally Cool while they were doing that promo. I know they're similar, but I think the Milani has more shimmer. Oh well, I'll get it eventually! I love the jelly squishiness of this one, so pretty!

    @Stef Yes! Pizzazzzz, I has it! =D

    @Pinkbeauty_love Yeah, it's such a beauty!

    @Solveig Yes, it's amazingly squishy and rich looking!

    @Jackie Yeah, you can baaarely see the glitter in that one. The sun never did come out today either, so I guess wrecking it cooking wasn't that big a deal!


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