Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Missha JBL01

Okay, where do I start? I suppose at the beginning, when I saw this polish on Stef's blog. Missha is a Korean brand, so I thought that this would be difficult to get hold of - turns out I was wrong. I ordered it from eBay on July 22, and it arrived on August 2. Pretty quick for shipping all the way from Korea, I have to say!

They have some of the prettiest bottles ever. Check it out - heart shaped!

What's inside is even better, a magical concoction of teal glitter and shimmer and little bits of flakies. The finish is unreal on this baby.

Dig it up close.

Now, for the bad. I bet you guys thought I raved about every polish I get as though it's the best thing ever. Nope! It just so happens that I've been wearing polishes that are legitimately great. However, applying this polish made me feel like stabbing myself with a spork.

Firstly I'm all like, "What the HAIL is that smell??" Roses. It took me about two hours to figure out that it smells like roses. For some people this might be great... but I don't want to be assailed by the smell of roses the whole time I'm wearing this polish. 

Now, let's talk about the brush. This bottle is small, only 8 ml. And it has this giant mop of a brush with a stem that's almost as wide as the opening of the bottle. Hate. So much hate, I can't even tell you. I think the formula on the polish is actually pretty good - I probably could have done one coat, but because of this stupid brush, I made the biggest mess painting my nails that I've made in months. It took me a second coat to even out everything, all the while cursing this mop of a brush.

And the best part of it is... even after all that... I will totally wear this again. It's that beautiful. I just wish it wasn't so hard to put on and that I wasn't wafting through life smelling like roses. 

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  1. Aw, too bad about the brush but totally worth it for an awesome polish! :)

  2. I love this polish! The brush was just right for my nail width. I had to do very little cleanup. Oddly, I didn't smell roses. Now I'm curious. I need to wear it again just to smell the roses! LOL

  3. such a pretty polish!!! the bottom of that bottle is sooooooo cute!

  4. @rmcandlelight Yeah, I know some people love the wider brushes, but omg... it's wider than my pinkie nail! But yes, it's totally worth it!

    @Pani Skeffington Thank you! =)

    @Kristy Thank you, I love it!

    @jaybird Yeah, Reece was talking on her blog about how she loved the brush in one of her Misshas too. And actually I don't even think it was the brush so much as the stem that was making me make a mess. It was so hard for me to get the right amount of polish on the brush, blah! And yes, you must wear it again to smell the roses. I couldn't even identify the scent at first, haha. =)

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Yeah, the Asian polishes come in the most AMAZING bottles. I dunno why the US brands are mostly so boring!

  5. Love the bottle shape! Great color!

  6. ebay is so evil... but I can't stay away!

  7. This looks great on you! I'm so jealous of your long nail beds :3

  8. I don't know, maybe you just need to stop.. and smell the roses. *Facepalm* I have a Paul & Joe polish that has a flowery aroma, but I actually enjoy the scent and probably look pretty odd smelling my hands. Really cool multi-colored flakies in that one!

  9. I always thought I was the only one who didn't like the smell of roses :) Pretty color, too bad about the brush and smell. Please don't spork your eyes out! Lmao!

  10. @Katie Yeah, the bottle shape is a total winner. Just a beauty!

    @Stef Me either... you enabler!

    @Miss Blue Aw, thank you! I never used to have long nail beds, but since I started taking such good care of my nails they have gotten longer. =)

    @royalmilktea LOL, omg! I have no Paul & Joe polishes, but I've been wanting to try them. I think some scent would be ok, but this one was actually cloying to me. Not good!

    @Maribeth I actually like the smell of actual roses... I guess because they're not following me around forcing me to smell them all day, haha. It's a gorgeous color, and I don't regret having it. I just wish it didn't have those issues for me! I survived the night with no spork issues, so we're safe! =D


  12. @Denise lol... That's a high level of excitement there! =)

  13. Thanks for showing a brand I've never seen. Now, I want some! It looks gorgeous :)
    ~ Ericka


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