Friday, August 12, 2011

Catrice Dark Lavender - Which Is Not Lavender At All

Yeah, so. Meet my nubs.

My middle fingernail on my left hand was getting... weird. Wonky. Like it was wanting to flare out on the side. I've been fighting it for about two weeks now. Then the corner started acting like it wanted to break, which my nails pretty much never do.

So I decided to take them way back and kind of let that nail reset. Well. I got carried away. I went too far. They were actually painful last night, and my nail beds were (still are, in fact) sticking out past the tips of my fingers. I took some pics of that too, but I won't post them cause I don't want to gross people out. >.<

Anywhoo. I was so mad at myself that I almost went to bed without polish on, then I decided that I would wear this little gem that I got as a swap extra, Catrice Dark Lavender.

Does this look lavender to you? Yeah, me either. It's beautiful though, SO beautiful.

It's actually a teensy bit more brown leaning than these pics would have you believe. And the finish is incredibly rich, almost metallic.

These lightbox shots are closer to the color it actually is, but still... not quite there.

So there you go, a beautiful polish that wouldn't have ever even been on my radar if some nice person hadn't included it as a swap extra. And the story of my nubs. Thankfully they grow fast. *sigh*
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  1. Your nails are beautiful. My nails are naturally really short, so the length that yours are now is long for my nails. If I cut them back as far as they would go without it hurting, they are probably about half the length of yours. And mine ALWAYS flare out to the sides...especially my middle finger on my left hand. It's serious work to get them to look straight up and down.

    But, I digress...your nails are gorgeous and that is a lovely color, as well.

  2. I agree, not lavender at all but a pretty color anyway!

  3. It looks great! I love getting gorgeous extras in swaps, it's like christmas! :D
    Your nubs are adorable, and I bet they'll grow out in no time! :D

  4. @Sarah Ouch, that is really short. =( I feel like I just lucked into having nails like this. Yes, I do take care of them, but DNA has more to do with the way they look than anything. Thank you for the sweet compliments. =)

    @Jacki Right? Lavender? LOL

    @Solveig Yes, they'll grow back fast! I was just whining cause they were hurting so bad. =\ Awesome swap extras definitely feel like Christmas, I love it!


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