Friday, September 9, 2011

Undercurrent - A Franken

Fun fact, I used to franken all the time, but I never actually wore the stuff I made. It just didn't feel like real polish to me or something, so they would just sit. I think it's partly because they were never anything that exciting. But my bottle of The N Girls reignited the franken fire. I've been wanting a blue version of Merry Midnight/Fowl Play, and I decided to set about creating one.

Meet Undercurrent, which was named by my dear friend Kittentoes. I had a TON of great name suggestions on the nail board, but Undercurrent was the one that called out to me the most.

I will tell you all what I used, but I don't have an exact recipe. I just kept adding things until it looked like I wanted.

I started with about a half a bottle of Sinful Pearl Harbor. Then I dumped in some Nfu Oh 53 - not too much because I hate using my more expensive polishes in frankens, but I didn't have much choice if I wanted flakies. Then I added in some Orly Stone Cold, followed by OPI Yoga-ta Get The Blue and Wet n Wild Nocturnal to darken it up. Then some clear and some thinner because it was pretty goopy. Afterwards I realized I had a small bottle of flakies in a clear base, so I added a little more flakies to the mix. And Undercurrent was born.

I knew I was successful because for the first time EVER with a franken of my own making, I wanted to put it on immediately. This is three coats, and I absolutely love it. LOVE it!

I have franken fever now, I think. O.o

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  1. This is really beautiful! I love this!

  2. This is beyond amazing. I would buy this in a heartbeat. :)

  3. You did a great job mixing this polish! A keeper for sure!

  4. @Maribeth Thanks... first franken ever that wasn't just blah, lol!

    @Fingers Thank you! I wore it for two days, kind of a record!

    @Laura *waves acetone under your nose*

    @All The Pretty Polish Thank you. =) The sad thing is that I'm not even sure I could reproduce it because of the way I mixed it. =\

    @imfeelingnail-venturous *hugs bottle of Undercurrent*

    @Jacki Thank you, I was so surprised that it actually came out so good! =D


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