Wednesday, September 14, 2011

FingerPaints Cordur-Orange

We had our first blast of fall last week, which is actually kind of early for the deep south. It's warming back up again, but I've been in a fall mood ever since. I don't normally feel a desire to match my polish to the seasons (I wear what I want!), but this polish just screams fall. =)

It makes me want to go and pick apples and drink cider. It makes me want to drink pumpkin lattes. It makes me want to eat pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread and wear a jacket and closed-toe shoes instead of flip flops... it makes me want to do all the things that mean fall to me.

I never buy orange polish, seriously. But I just fell in love with this when I saw it at Sally's. It doesn't disappoint either. It's a little thick, but that's often the case with FingerPaints' cremes. About 4 drops of thinner and all was right with the world. This baby is super pigmented and all around awesome - I did 2 coats, but it was honestly fine with one.

Maybe wearing this will conjure more of the cooler weather that was so nice last week!

Happy Hump Day and, as always, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. The whole Fashionista collection is terrific! I do not like oranges neither, but this one is quite unique I guess. The shade on your nails is looking more reddish than one in a bottle. Is it a camera effect? I prefer the hue on your nails, I really like it. Wish FP would be accessible in EU :>

  2. For what it's worth, mine looks IRL just like the photos. Bottle is one color, on the nail, it's another.

    I love this color, it's very wearable.

  3. Haha "blast of Fall!" I'm from MS - not far from New Orleans, actually - and all my friends were posting on Facebook about the fall weather and it was like, 80 degrees. :-D I do miss the warm weather!!

    Cordor-Orange looks amazing! I love these pumpkin-y colors for fall (to go along with my olive green obsession)!

  4. this looks gorgeous on you, very flattering and perfect for the season. i'm glad to see FP getting more attention because they have some great colours.
    ps new follower, i know you from the board :D

  5. This color looks fantastic on you--so bold and unique. Bring on fall. Thanks for mentioning how many drops of thinner you used. My Finger Paints are thick, too. Now I can tweak them without winging it. : )

  6. @Pani Skeffington Yes, I was very surprised by this whole collection. =) It dries darker on the nail than it is in the bottle, so what you see in the pictures is pretty accurate. I wish FP was more easily accessible to you ladies too. =\

    @Anna *nodnod* It darkens and deepens a lot on the nail.

    @Courtney *waves to fellow southerner* Yeah, 80 degrees and we're all putting on hoodies, LOL. I've never owned a color like this one and I'm surprised how much I love it. I've recently starting branching out into more olive type greens too, they're really great!

    @Lindsay Hey, girl! <3 I do love my FPs, they really are great!

    @Rebecca Nazar Thank you!! I really am pleased with it, it's different than anything else I own. =) You are very welcome... I find that most of my FP cremes do need thinner, it makes them so much nicer to apply!

  7. Oh man, I was so excited-- I was able to wear a wool coat today! ... For like 20 minutes. XD Wru Fall?!
    You're really making me rethink this orange now. *Pumpkin food fanatic* Really lovely! :)


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