Monday, September 5, 2011

How I Remove Glitter

Lots of us polish aficionados dread the removal of glitter polish. I know that I did before I found out about the foil method from the nail board on MUA. Here's how it works!

Before - SpaRitual Earth Matters

What you'll need:

Little squares of tinfoil
Two cotton balls
Acetone - I add glycerine to mine
Divide each cotton ball into five little squares
Soak a square of cotton with acetone and put it on your nail
Wrap it with foil
Rinse and repeat x 5

Wait 5ish minutes, then slide the cotton + foil off your finger
After - Bye-bye, glitter!

And this is why I fear no glitter. Easily one of the best thing I've learned over at MUA!

Happy Labor Day, hope this helps someone!

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  1. Great post! I need to try this; I love glitters but don't wear them as much because I always dread the removal D:

  2. Good tutorial. Some just don't know. Lol

  3. I always just hold the cotton balls on my nails, but this seems easier and faster since the whole hand can get done at once! Thanks!

  4. I love this method, ever since I found out about it a few months ago, I stopped fearing glitter :) and this is going to sound really awkward but I am SO jealous of your nail beds! Mine are sooo short :/ Anyways, great tutorial! :)

  5. i know this is about the polish removal, but holy cow is that glitter beautiful! anyways, thanks for posting this, sometimes i forget there's an easier/cleaner way to remover glitter, lol!

  6. I do this too! Totally ruins my cuticles though, sadly.

  7. @Miss Blue That's the same problem I used to have, but this makes it *so* much easier!

    @Brie *nod* Figured someone might find it helpful!

    @Sarah Oh yeah, this really simplifies the whole thing. I love it!

    @All The Pretty Polish It doesn't sound awkward... I tell people all the time that I envy their nail beds. I still don't think of mine as long, although they have come a long way! =)

    @Beanie Yeah, Earth Matters is a stunner. =) You are very welcome!

    @annie It used to wreck my cutes too, until I started adding glycerine to my acetone. My cutes love the stuff!

  8. Such a great technique!


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