Friday, September 2, 2011

Haul Pics!

We all love haul pics, don't we? I've gotten two different Groupon type deals lately, one from Discount Beauty Center and one from AveYou (thanks to my awesome husband!). Both orders came today, making me quite the happy camper.

I used the one from Discount Beauty Center to get some polishes that had been low grade lemmings for a while - you know the ones. You want them, but not bad enough to actually do anything about it. They're not limited edition or hard to find, so you wait and wait and wait. So here we go:

Preliminary thoughts: Adore is way more brush-strokey than I can stand. Might be good for stamping if I get back into that. Space Cadet is amazing, but I think it will look like poo on me. Blue Sapphire is lovely, but not terribly unique. And Halley's Comet is love. I actually had Zoya Charla and got rid of it and had swapper's remorse, so I picked up its Orly twin instead.

And the AveYou haul:

Preliminary thoughts: Crystal Waters is meh. I'm gonna try it as a full mani before I re-home it, but it's just not as pretty as it looks in the bottle. Moss is an unexpected favorite, I'm so glad I ordered it. Illumination is nowhere near as exciting as I hoped. It looks like magic on the bottle, but on the nail it just looks like silver glitter. Boo. Greenhouse and Earth Matters are stunning. Earth Matters is SO much more beautiful than I had anticipated, and I had anticipated a lot. Just stunning. And Sacred Ground... Sacred Ground is sublimely beautiful. =)

All in all, I'm pretty happy! Yay for nail polish! *\o/*

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  1. Nice haul. Getting new nail polishes is so fun! :)

  2. Not too shabby. I patiently await swatches :D

  3. @Sarah Oh yes, Nail Mail is my favorite kind of mail!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous =D

    @loodie loodie loodie Swatching as fast as I can! =D


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