Saturday, September 3, 2011

PSA - 50% off AveYou Deal from KGBDeals

What is it? It's a $50 AveYou gift certificate for $25.

Why do you want it? Because AveYou has OPI, Essie, SpaRitual and Layla magnetic polishes, that's why!

I found a code last night that's supposed to give you $5 in KGBKash after you make a purchase, but when I used it I actually ended up with $10 in my account. Your mileage my vary, of course, but hey, $5 is better than $0, right?

The promo code in question is:   FB5811.  So you can get one gift certificate for $25, then turn around and get another for either $15 or $20, depending on how much KGBKash it gives you. As I said, it gave me $10, but I've read that it's supposed to give $5. *shrugs*

My referral link:  Go here if you want to use my referral link. If it's your first purchase from, then I get a KGBKash credit of $6 if you use my link.

If you prefer not to use my link, you can go here to view the deal. The gift certificate is good until December 5, so you can probably save it and grab some of the holiday stuff when it comes out. Hope this helps someone! =)

EDIT:  I forgot to say also that AveYou does $1 shipping in the US on orders of $50 or more. AND there have a code that'll get you 15% off your order. That code is FIVE.

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