Saturday, September 10, 2011

Layla Magneffect Magnetic Polish - Turquoise Wave

Magnetic polish is like... magic!

See? Magic! Seriously though, magnetic polish has been one of the most sought after things in the polish world for the last few years, ever since L'Oreal and Lancome had both introduced magnetic polishes in a very limited (from what I understand) fashion. It's making a comeback though, and brands like Nails, Inc., Essence, LCN and Layla are all producing magnetic polishes now.

Apparently some brands of magnetic polish require you to buy the magnets separately, but the Layla polishes come with a magnet attached to the cap. The idea is that there are metal particles in the polish that react to the magnet when the polish is wet. The polish dries super fast, so you have to work fast and you have to do one nail at a time. You apply the polish, then hold the magnet very close to the nail for 5 to 10 seconds, and the pattern appears on your nails.

There's a bit of a learning curve, but I did a full mani with this one with very little trouble. You should also let the polish dry completely before adding your topcoat because if you put it on when it's wet, it will pull the design.

I'm hoping that as this trend continues, we'll start seeing different shaped magnets. One of the most coveted shapes is the star magnet, which creates a design that looks like star sapphires on your nails. Do want! ^_^

I ordered these from AveYou with my KGBDeals coupon deal. They retail for $15.50 per bottle. I have to say for as cool as they are, I probably wouldn't pay that much for them. The bottles are on the smaller side at 10ml, which makes them quite pricey. However, AveYou has these coupon deals relatively often, and there's almost always coupon codes floating around for them too, which makes getting your hands on these a little more practical.

All in all, I'm really pleased with mine. Pretty easy to use, interesting effect, and the fast drying time means that  it really does make for a quick and interesting mani once you get the hang of using the magnets. I'd love them in more colors, so I can sense another haul of these coming in my future. =D

Happy Saturday, and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. omg that is awesome Noelie! :) I still need to do a full mani with my LCNs. I love the color of that Layla!

  2. So awesome! I just bought some of these! Including this color which I kept! I have two in my current giveaway that I launched last night! This is amazing! Love these types of polishes!

  3. Kind of cool, but not sure I'm totally feeling this trend! I'd rather do my own art!

  4. Ugh this is so cool! I wish they sold some in stores around here, I'm loathe to pay shipping costs!

  5. Love this! I need to get some magnetic polishes!

  6. @moxie345 Thank ya, Moxie! I love the color too, so pretty!

    @imfeelingnail-venturous Yeah, they really are awesome. =)

    @Fingers I always admire nail art, but I fear I am too lazy. This is perfect for us lazy girls. ^_^

    @Laura Yeah, shipping would have been a hard pill to swallow, but I got the $1 shipping with the AveYou deal. =)

    @Katie You totally do, they're so neat!

  7. I only have the essence magnetics which I'm not crazy about. I LOVE this one on you! I think I might need to make an order soon :)


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