Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nfu Oh 65 - Why Did I Wait So Long to Try This?!

There are some lacquerheads out there who hate holo polishes. I'm not one of them. I love them, in fact. I've always loved the more scattered holos, a la OPI DS Extravagance, and like the China Glaze Tronica collection. I would hear (read) the other girls rave about the linear holos, the ones that really create rainbows on your nails, and I was unmoved. I have China Glaze DV8, and I love it, but I never really had any ambition to own more like it. That was true until my buddy Cilucia over at Spaz & Squee posted her pictures of Nfu Oh 65. I ordered it that very night. I know you're reading this. THIS IS YOUR FAULT! >.<

Yeah, so. My new BFF Nfu Oh 65 looks quite unassuming in the bottle. It just looks like a shimmery light blue. This is how she looks under fluorescent light.

Pretty, right? Kind of a light silvery, shimmery blue. I actually quite like her, even in her most sedate state. But let's see what happens when a little light gets involved. This is how she looks under incandescent light, so this is what I've been seeing on my nails all day here at my house.

Oh, hai! Rainbows!!

I'd heard horror stories about what a nightmare these polishes are to apply. Nfu Oh makes a special aqua base coat to use with these girls, but it is perpetually out of stock. Also, many top coats will dull the effect of the holo, so I didn't want that to happen. However, they're also known for being very chippy, and I didn't want THAT to happen either.

No way was I waiting to get some sort of aqua base coat, so I gave it a whirl with my normal base coat, Pro FX Epoxy Bond. I let it dry completely before I attempted to put the polish on my nails. You have to work fast with these because they dry VERY fast. Thankfully I have a lot of experience with finicky polishes, as I've worn a lot of mattes and neons, and the same rules apply to them.

You have to work fast. You have to use as few strokes as possible because going over the same spot more than once is a recipe for disaster. I did my first coat, then let that completely dry - which doesn't take long, just a few minutes. Then I did the second coat the same way. I had minimal dragging and lumping and all in all, I have to say the experience wasn't nearly as bad as what I had braced myself for.

I tried out my Pro FX quick dry top coat on one nail, and the holo diffused... a lot. Really a lot. So I redid that nail and tried my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. That was better, but I still wasn't thrilled. I ended up doing one coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, then following it with another coat of the holo. That way the polish is protected, but I've got the holo with nothing on top of it so it can sparkle its little heart out. I've had the polish on for almost 24 hours now, and it's still intact. This is good. =)

I did the mani at night and I was already oohing and ahhing over how she looks. When I got up this morning, I went outside to see how she does in the sun.


I repeat... O.O

Absolutely incredible. After I got over my shock, I tried to take some pics and was failing miserably. Thankfully my lemming creating buddy is also my photography guru, and she taught me how to use my camera, and so I am able to show you guys just how incredible this polish is.

The moral of the story is... I want more of these. A lot more. O.O

Thanks for stopping by, and for subjecting yourselves to my rambling. =D

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  1. pretty polish! I like your nails, amazing!

  2. Awesome polish. ♥ Your nails look great!

  3. @Enamel Thanks so much! This polish is completely amazing!

    @AmyGrace Ooh, thank you! I have such a crush on both your nails and your cakes! ♥

  4. @cilucia And now you're trying to hook me on orange. OMG!


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