Monday, July 18, 2011

Essie Shelter Island

I always feel kind of bad when I post a picture of a creme. They just don't inspire to me take as many pictures or to blah, blah, blah quite as much as I do with other finishes. It's not that I don't love cremes. I do! I really do! But with shimmers and glitters, different angles can show the polish differently. But a creme looks pretty much the same no matter what I do. Of course, I have no idea how many people actually read my drivel anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter! =)

Essie Shelter Island is really quite beautiful, a bright blue that is halfway between a creme and a jelly. It's got a lovely squishy finish that I'm quite fond of.

I have lots of light blue cremes in my collection, but I'm happy to say this one is unique. No dupes that I've found so far! I'll try to do a comparison picture with some of my other blues in a future post, I just didn't have time today. The formula on this one is good, though a little thin. I needed three coats for full opacity, and it's still got that jelly squishiness around the edges. Dry time was good, though, so I'm not complaining.

Hi to all the new folks! My little blog is really growing, and I love that you guys want to look at my pictures and (maybe) read my words! =D I'm working on a surprise for when I reach 100 followers, so be sure to stay tuned! Pin It


  1. I read your drivel! I know what you mean about cremes, they're nice but they do look the same from all angles. This one's very pretty! I love blues.

  2. I want this blue! I'm upset that I missed out on it :/ and I totally read your drivel, too! And your swatches are great, I love your nails :)

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  4. Noelie, it's boooring... Another lovely shade! Try sth coral, orange or vampy red :oP

  5. @Laura Yay, I'm glad you read it! I love reading blogs, so I figured the least I can do is share my opinion of the polishes, you know? This one is very, very pretty indeed, and when I look at how many blues I've posted versus other colors, it's actually a little silly! =)

    @All The Pretty Polish And yay, you read it too! Thanks so much for your kind words. =) Are you in the US? This polish has not yet reached the point of impossible to find if so!

    @Pani Skeffington But I don't feeeeeel like wearing those colors... lol!

  6. I loove Essie's jellies! Ok, I lie, I love ALL jellies!! I love the gummy look on the nails and for some reason the consistency of jelly polishes are always nice :) This blue looks fabulous and has the best of both worlds - opacity of creams and the gummy look! Thank you for sharing it.. now I must run to the store..... :)

  7. @YK Yes, I love that gummy look on the nail too, and I really adore these new polishes that have been coming out that are halfway between a jelly and a creme. It creates the sweetest squishy look on the nails! =)

    @Pani Skeffington lol =)


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