Monday, July 4, 2011

Fall Nicole by OPI Swatches!

Hello, folks! Today I picked up three new Nicole by OPI shades at Target. I'm unclear as to whether these are Target exclusives, but I can say that Target is the only place I've seen them. There are actually four colors in this collection, but the fourth was an unremarkable red shimmer. It's worth noting that these three all have the old style Nicole by OPI brush and NOT the newer paddle shaped brush. Anyway, on to the colors! First up is bottle pics of Green Up Your Act!, Sounds Grape to Me, and It's Not Me, It's Blue.

Green Up Your Act! is an olive green creme along the lines of Avon Olive Green or RBL Orbis Non Sufficit. I own neither of those to compare, but it definitely made me think of those two. The formula on this is absolutely great, full coverage in two coats. I have to say, I love this. This is my first olive green. I didn't think it would be flattering on me, but it really is. And it feels quite unexpectedly chic! Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Sounds Grape to Me is a stunner. I was hoping from the bottle that it would be a duochrome, but I haven't been able to coax any color shift out of it on my nails. Still, though, it's a beautiful warmer leaning rusty red foil that just shimmers like there's no tomorrow. These pictures really don't do it justice, but it was dark when I was swatching so I didn't have the sun to make it really come alive. The formula is good, this is two coats.

And last up, It's Not Me, It's Blue. The name of this polish is quite confusing to me because this polish is decidedly NOT blue. It puts me in the mind of Chanel Graphite, though Graphite pulls quite gold, and this one doesn't. It's like the cooler cousin of Graphite, and what it really makes me think of is pewter. It's kind of got a bluish purple cast to it, and it is incredibly sparkly. I own absolutely nothing like this one, and its cool tone makes it very, very wearable for me. The formula is a little sheer, and I needed three coats to be happy with the color depth.

Hope you guys find these helpful. I really love all of these for different reasons, and I'm quite happy to add them to my collection!

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  1. Those are great!!! I stalked two different Targets today with no luck so far. I hope I can find them soon. I'm glad to hear that they have the old brush! :)

  2. @Lauren Yes, aren't they awesome?? I hope you find them, I was completely shocked to see them at my Target! I too was very happy to see the old brush. I don't hate the new brush, but I definitely like the old brush better! =)

  3. That last one is actually really pretty...

  4. @cilucia It is! It was just surprisingly different than it looks in the bottle.


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