Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comparison - Nicole by OPI Sounds Grape to Me & OPI Tease-y Does It

I was just looking at these two bottles next to each other, and they look SUPER close in the bottle. Luckily my polish was off and the sun was out, so I was able to do a quick comparison.

Another case of cousins, but not twins. The Nicole by OPI is lighter and the finish is more of a foil. They're both beautiful, but unless you are REALLY into this shade, my opinion is that you probably don't need both. I'm debating whether I need to keep both of them myself. I hope this comparison helps you guys!
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  1. Thanks for this--I think I like the Nicole a tad better, but since they're so close I'll stick with the OPI (already have that one).

  2. @KarenD You bet! I'm completely on the fence about them. Guess I need to let them sit and see which one I reach for the most.


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