Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FingerPaints Vintage Velvet

I'm taking a break from Forgotten Loves week to bring you a swatch of one of the shades from the FingerPaints Fall 2011 collection, Fall Fashionista.

This is really sort of an atypical fall collection. I'm used to seeing lots of shimmers and jewel tones for fall collections, and I was fascinated that FingerPaints went this way with theirs. Many of the colors do feel like fall to me though, and I picked up Vintage Velvet and Cordur-Orange last night.

This is the one that's described on the press release as blue/green... and it is, but it's really a strange blue/green. It's murky and dusty and I absolutely love it.

I did some comparisons on swatchsicles because I was too tired to do actual nail comparisons. These are the closest things I have in my collection. Vintage Velvet is greener than Sapphire Silk, but more blue than Green Up Your Act. It reminds me a lot of Catrice I Sea You!/Misa Dirty Sexy Money, but it's much darker.

I thought the formula was pretty typical FingerPaints fare. I find their cremes a little thick (in fact, some of them are ridiculously thick), but it's nothing that a little thinner doesn't fix. This polish is highly pigmented, and I probably could have done one coat if I'd been careful... and if I wasn't a habitual two-coater. =) 

All in all, I like this collection very much. I was tempted to get more of them, but I was afraid they would be too close to colors I already had. I was quite pleased to find that I didn't have a dupe in my collection for this one. I really, really love it. It's one of those shades that feels sophisticated to me, and it definitely feels like fall. Now if only fall would get here!

So there you go! As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thank you for the comparisons! I love Dirty Sexy Money but don't have it myself yet & thought this might be similar, and was trying to decide how close this was to Green Up Your Act (all such pretty muted greens!). Vintage Velvet looks amazing.


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