Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blue Ombré Mani

om·bré (ämbrā′, äm brā)
shaded or graduated in tone: said of a color
I've wanted to do an ombré mani for ages, but I never could seem to get the right five colors lined up to make it work. With the addition of Sinful Paradise to my stash, I had the perfect mid-range blue to do my first one! These are the colors I used:

And here's what I ended up with:

I love this to bits. I need to get the shades I need to make this happen in purple and green too. ♥
I know it probably only needed one pic, but I was having too much fun admiring it!

Plus it's my blog, so I guess I can do whatever I want! XD

Thanks for stopping by, y'all!
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  1. Gorgeous! Perfect ombre. I wonder if I have enough shades of one color to do this...

  2. @Nola Thanks! It really is a challenge to have the 5 perfect shades of one color. I hope you have the right ones though, I really love the effect. =)

  3. I think I already commented in NB, but wanted to blog comment as well. I love this ombre! I have a hard time trying to decide which colors to use. Next time I do this, I might just hit you up to ask for your opinion. :)

  4. @Lena Aww, thank you!! I love it too, I was so happy to finally have all the colors I needed. I'm happy to try to help you out too! =)


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