Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Models Own Aqua Violet

Aqua Violet is, as the name implies, a duochrome polish that flashes from Aqua to Violet. It is part of the Models Own Beetlejuice collection.

This is what it mostly looks like on me - metallic aqua. It's a little brighter than this picture appears, but not lots more. The violet part of it is a little more shy than I was expecting, but you can definitely see it in these pictures.

This is three coats, and it needed all three for opacity. The formula leaves a bit to be desired. It's not the worst formula I've ever used, but it was thick and goopy while also being slightly runny and hard to control. o.O 

All in all... Aqua Violet is pretty, but it didn't really rock my world like I thought it would. Next time I wear it, I'll try layering it over black or dark blue and see if that helps. *sigh* I hate it when a giant lemming isn't all that and a bag of chips like your head made it out to be!

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all! =D
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  1. This is one of my favorite duochromes. The formula could definitely be better though. I just love these two colors together.

  2. Darn...I wish I had have seen your comments before I bought it in a blog sale...it still looks pretty but when I hear three coats, thick and goopy...*sigh*

  3. Soo pretty.. think this is my fav from the beetlejuice collex

  4. this is gorgeous! <3 Sorry to hear it didn't quite live up to your expectations though >.<

  5. I love your pictures of this beauty!


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