Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zoya Posh

I really love suede finish polishes, and Zoya Posh is probably my favorite of the bunch. Behold:

This one has a decidedly different finish than my other suedes from Zoya - more satiny, I guess. Here it is with top coat.

I did something different this time - I used my GOSH fix base coat as a base with this to see if it helped with application, and it totally did. It made Posh just glide on with none of the patching or streaking issues that suedes sometimes have. 

So I did one coat of GOSH fix, one coat of Posh, then one coat of my normal quick dry top coat, Pro-FX, then another coat of Posh. I did that to try and make it not chip so fast. I put it on yesterday, and I already have one corner of one nail that I can tell wants to chip. =\ That's the only thing I don't like about suedes - I wish they lasted as long as regular polish. Sandwiching it with top coat helps me some, but they still chip faster than normal polish.

As far as I can tell from Zoya's site, Posh is now discontinued. It was out of stock for the longest time, but now it doesn't even come up in a search at all. There are still some out there on eBay and I think on Amazon, but if you want this and you've been waiting, I'd get it sooner rather than later.

Happy Saturday, thanks for reading! ♥
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  1. This one looks so good both ways, matte and shiny :D Gorgeous shade!

  2. This one is so pretty but one of the fastest chipping suedes I know about.. too bad!


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