Monday, January 9, 2012

Island Girl Waikiki Magic

Island Girl is a line of nail polish (and other cosmetics, I think?) that can only be found in Hawaii and Las Vegas, plus a very limited selection that can be purchased only at ABC Stores. I have a handful of them that I was able to obtain via swaps. The one I'm showing you today was sent to me as a gift by a dear friend of mine who went to Vegas. 

Waikiki Magic is pretty darn stunning, I have to say. Looking at it in the bottle, I really thought it was a glass fleck finish, but it's actually really fine glitter suspended in a jelly base. It dries super fast and is gritty, so I'm assuming that's glitter in there. =)

The formula was decent; not the best I've ever used, but certainly not the worst (I'm looking at you, Scherer Chameleon). I had some issues with it pooling around my cuticles, but I managed to clean it up without any major cuticle staining, so that's a plus.

Alas, this story doesn't have a totally happy ending. This started chipping the next day. Yes, I usually change my polish pretty much every day, but I don't want to HAVE to change it because it's chipped. *sigh* The other Island Girl polishes I've had have been pretty hit or miss as far as formula - some being very, VERY sheer and others, like this one, that won't stay put on my nails for even 24 hours. I don't want to totally bash Island Girl either though because admittedly I don't have as much experience with them as I do with a brand like Zoya or China Glaze. They have some really interesting colors and finishes. I just wish I didn't end up disappointed in one way or another with most of the ones that I've tried. =\

Well, that turned into a total Debbie Downer of a post. Happy Monday, LOL!
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  1. LOL at the end of your post, XD!
    Sorry to hear that you keep getting disappointed by them. This one looks so beautiful! (Such a shame about the chipping!)

  2. Well, no doubt this is a pretty color. I do have when my nail polish chips.

  3. such a pretty color!! shame about the chipping though:/

  4. This is really pretty!!! Pretty enough to go on my wish list, until I read about the formula :(. That's too bad, it truly looks lovelly.

  5. @Ashesela =D It's totally true though!

    @Jade Yeah, I was not happy.

    @SeeSarahSwatch Yeah. =\

    @MariJo OMG, I thought it was SO stunning when I put it on... but yeah, the chipping made me quite sad.

    @Polish AMOR Thank ya!

  6. This kind of reminds me of Orly Royal Navy. I nominated you for Cute Blog Award too!


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