Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marks and Spencer Lagoon

This perfect blue was a gift from a sweet friend of mine that lives in Ireland.
This is two easy coats. The formula is to die for.
*sigh* My normal verbosity fails me. Lagoon is just a flat out beautiful and great polish.
I'm posting this from my new Kindle, so if anything looks weird, that would be why. Blogger's mobile interface leaves a bit to be desired, but I wanted to give it a whirl. Hope it all looks ok! Pin It


  1. Wow, fantastic pictures and polish!!! This looks great! :D

  2. Looks great! That is a gorgeous blue. Love how shiny it is ;0)

  3. Oh, great color! I just gave you the Kreative Blogger Award! check out my latest post for more info. Congrats!

  4. GAHHHHH I DIE. Also, your nails look awesome as usual. :)


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