Monday, January 23, 2012

Chemistry 186 - A Beauty From Down Under

This is going to be a short and sweet post today because I don't have tons of time.  One of my buddies, the lovely Kristy from The Polish Haven, sent me this polish out of the blue (pun very much intended) because my love for blue polishes is somewhat legendary.  Chemistry 186 is an amazingly rich, deep blue polish with a gorgeous purple-ish shimmer. The formula is to die for. I had almost no clean up to do at all. Observe.

Gorgeous, right? Just perfect. Thank you, Kristy! I love it so, so, SO MUCH! ♥ 

And now I'm diving back into a work project. At 5:00 pm. Gross. I hope your Monday evening is more fun than mine is shaping up to be! ^.^
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  1. Ooooo!!! This is so beautiful!! :O I LOVE blue! :D

  2. This is gorgeous!! I'm not keen on blue polishes on my nails but on other people they always look lovely!

  3. I simply LOVE blue polishes, and this one must be awesome in real life.
    Great, great, great shad eof blue...


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