Friday, May 6, 2011

Light Box Photos of Nfu Oh 51 *gasp*

After talking to my sweet friend Jen *waves*, I decided to follow her advice and make myself a light box. It was incredibly cheap and easy to do, and I took it for a test drive last night with my Nfu Oh 51 manicure. My jaw dropped when I saw these pictures. I still can't believe what a difference the lighting makes! Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by! =)

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  1. :D Amazing! You need to post bigger pics here, though! I NEED TO SEE BIGGERRRR

  2. Did you clickies on them? They do get bigger! Or do you mean even bigger than that??

  3. Hi! May I know how did you do your lightbox?

  4. @chillitan Hi! I followed the tutorial here:

    It was really easy and inexpensive to do! Hope this helps!

  5. Thank the LORD that someone has explained what a light box is! I've been in the dark for weeks- that tutorial link shed the light (so the speak!) Thanks :)


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