Sunday, May 29, 2011

Seriously, OPI?

I was in Ulta yesterday looking at the Pirate's display, and I said to my husband, "Um, that's not Planks a Lot." I picked it up, and yes oh yes, it certainly WAS Planks a Lot. My DH whipped out his iPhone and proceeded to run all over Ulta trying to find the best lighting to get a picture of this. He finally settled on the sunglasses display, and so this photo was made possible.

Now, obviously this is not the best picture, but it's still really obvious that we're looking at two different versions of this color. The one on the right looks more like what I've seen posted on MUA and various blogs, and it is the color that the majority of the bottles in the display were. I have no idea if the one on the left is a single batch aberration, but here we are yet again looking at two different versions of an OPI polish. This is getting more and more ridiculous. Seriously, do they not have any quality control over there?! *sigh* Rant over. For now.
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