Friday, May 13, 2011

My Love Affair with a Particular Shade of Blue - China Glaze Towel Boy Toy

It's widely known amongst my family and friends that I am awfully fond of a particular shade of blue. I'm not sure that the shade actually has a name. Some people call it bright blue. Some people call it turquoise blue. What my friends and family tend to call it is "Noelie's Blue" or "Your Blue."

Imagine my delight when China Glaze introduced Towel Boy Toy in their Summer 2010 collection, Poolside.
It's a beautiful neon blue in precisely the right shade. It's even got a very subtle blue shimmer to give it some added depth.

You can kind of see the shimmer in this macro shot. So beautiful. ♥

And remember, I said I had a love affair with this color. Witness:

My Chucks

My Wallet

My Bunny

My Heart (not literally)

My Compact

My Sheets

And now you understand why if I had to pick one color to take to a deserted island, Towel Boy Toy would be it. 

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