Monday, May 9, 2011

Some random swatches - Misa, Nicole by OPI, Barry M

We've been doing these nail polish theme weeks over on the nail boards at Makeup Alley, and this week we're showing swatches and bottle pictures of a variety of brands, including Misa, Nicole by OPI and Barry M. That was enough of an excuse to get me to swatch and photograph the ones I own, so here they are. Thanks for looking, as always! =)

Barry M Mint Green - 2 coats

Nicole by OPI You're S-teal the One - 3 coats

Misa Dirty, Sexy, Money - 2 coats

Barry M Dusky Mauve - 2 coats

Misa Touch the Rainbow - 2 coats

Nicole by OPI Fell from the Tree - 2 coats

Nicole by OPI Iceberg Lotus - 3 coats

Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver - 2 coats

Nicole by OPI Peas & Qs - 3 coats

Nicole by OPI - "Baby" Blue

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