Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Essence I Like

Part of the limited edition Essence spring collection, Blossoms Etc., I Like is a mint green with a very, very subtle blue shimmer. So subtle, in fact, that I can't even see it! It's a lovely polish, kind of a dusty mint. The formula is great, I love the brush. I'm just pouting because I'm getting tired of polishes with shimmer that dies on the nail, or other polishes that look great in the bottle and are just ho hum. /rant off

Where oh where has my shimmer gone, where oh where can it be? *sigh* Pin It


  1. I feel your pain! I get annoyed, too, when the beautiful bottle shimmer disappears on the nail. At least it's still a lovely color. :)

  2. @Lauren Yes! It really is very pretty, I just lost all my oomph for loving it when the shimmer went away!


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