Sunday, May 15, 2011

Adding Shimmer to My Sweet Talker

As I was saying in my previous post (all right, yes, complaining), I wish that the shimmer was more evident in Sweet Talker. People on MUA have talked about swiping the polish with remover to bring the shimmer to life in polishes like that, but every time I try it I end up with half my polish on the cotton ball. I was pondering that again, and then I heard a little voice from my untried basket. The little voice said, "Hey... What's Dune?"

This amazing holographic polish was sent to me in an RAOK from an incredible sweet and generous nail boarder (names left out to protect the guilty!). It's from OPI's 2008 Summer for Shore collection. It's very sheer, so I used one coat over my existing Sweet Talker mani plus one coat of top coat. It's magical.

 These were taken indoors with flash since that's the best I could do to capture what this looks like. Subtle and glowy and absolutely stunning.

Thanks for stopping by! =)
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