Thursday, May 26, 2011

Polish Memories - Love & Beauty Jade

It's funny how polish can evoke a memory of a time or a place. The first time my husband came to visit me, we went to the mall the last day he was here. Our goal was to find a necklace (which we did), but we also stopped in at Claire's and Forever 21. This polish, Love & Beauty Jade, was the first polish my husband ever bought for me. =)

Bright, shimmery green, insta-love! It dries super fast and almost to a matte finish like a neon, but while this is bright, it doesn't seem like a neon at all. Of course, top coat fixes it right up anyway.

The reason that this polish is so important to me isn't simply because he bought it for me, but because of what buying it for me represented - acceptance. He has always accepted and encouraged this kooky hobby of mine, and that means the world to me.

So thank you, honey. This one's for you. =) Pin It


  1. @Nola =) He's really the best!

  2. Love and beauty is a perfect way to describe you, so I think it is quite the fitting polish. I love you, baby girl. ♥


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