Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ulta Concrete Evidence - My Second "Conservative" NOTD This Week

As I mentioned here, this week at MUA some of were flip flopping what we normally wear to get out of our comfort zones a little bit, and my job was to do more "conservative" colors. My first was Ulta Haute Stuff, which truly is a lovely berry shade, but it was making me crazy after two days. Last night at Ulta, I picked up Concrete Evidence, which is a light grey creme polish.

I know it isn't really unique, but this is the first grey I've owned that's quite this light. I absolutely ADORE this shade. It's neutral and conservative while still being modern and a little edgy. The formula was great, as is usual with Ulta's house brand of polishes, two easy coats. Perfection.

Hope you all are having a great week!! Pin It


  1. I agree with cilucia, it looks chic!

    But tomorrow we're freed! We can wear glitter!

  2. @cilucia Chic! I love looking chic! =D

  3. @Madeline I know! I can't decide whether to do glittah or holo!


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