Wednesday, December 28, 2011

BB Couture Sea of Cortez

One of my biggest lemmings was slain this Christmas by a sweet friend of mine who sent me this beauty as a gift. BB Couture Sea of Cortez is a medium blue jelly, almost leaning to teal, that is packed with that super fine glitter that BB Couture is known for. 

It seems to me like the glitter is blue and green, but at certain angles I feel like I'm seeing other colors in there too.

The formula is decent - a little on the thick side while also being rather sheer. All the BB Couture glitters that I own are this way, and they all take 3 coats for full opacity. This is a good thing though, in my opinion, because that sheerness allows the glitter to really show though and sparkle.

These aren't the world's best swatches. The sun wouldn't cooperate, and I'm away from my lightbox. I wish I'd been able to show how stunning the shimmer is a little better, but that's photographing polish in winter for you!

Hope things are going well for you all in this week between Christmas and New Years. As always, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. This one, Meadow Sparkle and Dragon's Breath were my first BB Coutures. I really liked this one back then but must admit none of them has been worn more than twice. Maybe it's time to use them again...


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