Monday, December 19, 2011

GOSH Holographic

Today I have a very special polish to show you, GOSH Holographic. This is a hard to find and discontinued shade that recently found its way to me by way of one of my polish buddies. I really do have the greatest and most generous friends. =D

Here we are. GOSH Holographic in the shade.

GOSH Holographic in my lightbox. This is pretty much how it looks everywhere in my house. The rainbows aren't quite as pronounced, but they're there. This makes me a happy girl. 

Add sunlight to the equation, and it's magic.

I mean... yeah. I really have no words.

The formula on this one is notorious for being horrific, so my buddy also sent me a bottle of the GOSH Fix base coat. This is two coats of Holographic over one coat of GOSH Fix. It really helped the application, and I plan to use it with all of my finicky holos.

And here are a few more bonus shots that I took in my kitchen this morning.

*sigh* Perfection.
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  1. Omg!!! I couldn't stop staring at these pics!! So pretty!

  2. OMG I have such a lemming for this holo! Looks amazing on you!

  3. This is definitely THE nail polish of my life, it's really amazing, simply perfect. I still have my precious at home, I only use him in special ocasions, but now that I know that he is descontinued I regret the fact of not having bought one more to save.
    Have a nice day, kisses

  4. Beautiful as usual! I seriously have been wanting this polish for years (only like two but still). One of these days I might have to cave to "evilBay" for this one and for Clarins 230. Congrats on getting a hold of it! :)

  5. I love the silver holos, but I only kept the KOH silver holo, it's the nicest for me. The rainbows on your nails are droolworthy though! :)

  6. This is GORGEOUS. and i agree ...


    As soon as the polish hit the sun i not actually but its still just that pretty!

    WOW do u envy you for that polish

    Happy Holidays!!


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