Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ozotic Mish Mash 532

Holographic multi-chromatic polish? What type of voodoo is this?! 

The latest offering from Ozotic Pro is a series of holographic multichrome polishes they call Mish Mash. 532 is the holographic version of Ozotic 505, which is the one that shifts from teal to purple, and at the most extreme angle, to pink. It is incredible.

The formula is great, as has been my experience with my other Ozotics, though this one is sheer. What's shown here is two coats over one coat of black.

These photos were taken outside, but the holo effect is very strong. Even indoors, I'm getting at least a hint of rainbows in most lighting situations.

A friend in Australia custom purchased this one for me, but they are available online at llarowe.

Happy Sunday, folks! Hope you're having a good weekend, and thanks for stopping by!
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  1. This is awesome in so many ways.. I definitely need some of these!

  2. *drools* Just to die for! Adding to my WL

  3. *Cries tears of joy and envy* Beeaauutiful! Must place Llarowe order...

  4. Wow, this is stunning! Placing an order for it right now! I thought Llarowe shipped from Australia for some reason... but I guess she is a US Stockist and ships from CO? Good news for me since I'm in CA :D I see they have Lizard Belly back in stock now too.

  5. @Deborah Yes, yes, you do! I was just amazed by all the color shifting going on, truly a stunning polish.

    @Lendoxia *nodnod*

    @Wickless and Polished Yay! \o/

    @royalmilktea Yes, yes! I have so many on my wishlist from Llarowe too, I need to order soon. Perhaps after my planned January Lynnderella haul!

    @Nailderella =D

    @Shannara Thank you!

    @rmcandlelight I can't wait to see it on your gorgeous nails!

    @Ana Oh yeah, Llarowe is in the US. =D She's making it so much easier for us US girls to get our hands on some of the amazing foreign polishes. <3 I reallly want Lizard Belly too, but I'm trying to hold out until Glitter Gal switches to their larger sized bottles.


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