Thursday, December 15, 2011

Barry M Blue Glitter

Ok, I swear that I intended to do a red mani. I swear! It's getting so close to Christmas, and I really felt like doing something to try to get into the spirit. I have bottles of Barry M Blue Glitter and Red Glitter right next to each other. I went to pull out Red Glitter, but I didn't know what the coverage was like or what to use as underwear. I was still wearing Sally Hansen Chrome Turquoise, so I decided to try Blue Glitter over that to see how the glitter would build. Well. Before I knew it, I was putting that on instead of red! But I think you'll forgive me when you see what Blue Glitter looks like.

This is two coats over my previous mani. O.O

I mean... seriously. O.O

Fantastic formula. I didn't have to do cleanup at all. I have no idea how many coats this would take to be opaque on its own, but if layering it over another polish looks like this... who cares? ^.~

I used two coats of top coat to smooth out the grittiness. I am just astonished by how amazing this is. I must use my red one soon!

Where to find: Barry M is a brand based in the UK, but I believe they ship worldwide. They definitely ship to the US, as I've ordered from them before. A few months ago one of my friends ran into some problems ordering from their site - it took forever to ship and I believe a broken bottle was involved when it did arrive. That said, I've not had problems when I've ordered from them, so maybe it was a one off problem. But I just thought it was right to share that information. I believe there are also some eBay sellers that handle Barry M. I have about eight of them in my collection now, and I really love them.

Hope the countdown to the holidays is going well for you all, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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  1. This is soooo pretty!!! Such a gorgeous blue!! I wonder if it would look the same layered over a different color.

  2. @MariJo The glitter is pretty dense, so I think it probably would look very similar over any sort of medium turquoise blue!

  3. This is lovely on you. You are truly the blue queen. You make me want to wear blue every time I look at your pictures.

  4. this looks like blue heaven I love it :)

  5. This polish is so pretty! I'm glad you chose to swatch the blue glitter first; I love blue!! :D

  6. @Sminkan I love being the blue queen! =D

    @CLM's Nail Art Blog Thank you!

    @Kelly Thank you, I love it!

    @Lendoxia It had so much more depth than I was expecting. It was dazzling in person!

    @Ashesela Me too, but I'm excited to wear the red now too!

    @lepidoperia Thank you!

  7. Because of your photos, I immediately contacted my muggle friend in Manchester, to send her looking for this one.


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