Sunday, December 11, 2011

China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

How in the world did I not post this polish before?! Anyway! Emerald Sparkle was originally released in China Glaze's 2008 holiday collection, Sleigh Ride. It's so perfect that I struggle to put it into words. Observe.

Deep green glitter in a deeper green jelly base. *remembers to breathe* 

The formula is perfect. Two effortless coats. The glitter is very, very fine, so there are no issues with it eating top coat.

Here she is out in the sun. So amazing. So perfect. There were some issues at one point with there being two different versions of Emerald Sparkle - this incredible beauty, and then a much less incredible (though still pretty in its own right) green shimmer. I'm almost sure that that issue has been rectified now, but as I understand it, the key to making sure you have the right one is the number 28843.

So there you have one. Honestly one of my favorite greens of all time - perfect for the holidays too!
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  1. I love this one so much! Stunning pictures!

  2. I thought I didn't need this for SO LONG but I was wrong! It's so perfect!

  3. I love this polish too, but I still haven't made it yet to buy it :/ It looks amazing on you! I can't stop staring at your pictures, I just love the lighting of the first ones (I guess you're using a lightbox, or am I wrong?) :D

  4. Oh, this is simply stunning!! It is a shame that I do not own it (LOL!). Beautiful swatch! :D

  5. @Deborah Thank you so much. =)

    @Madeline I was like that too. And it also sat in my untrieds for a shameful amount of time! But once I tried it... total love!

    @Shannara Thank ya!

    @Elsa P. Thank you. =) You really need to get it, it's amazing. And yes, the top two pics are in a lightbox, the second two are outside.

    @Ashesela Thank you so much! You really should get it, it's one of the most amazing polishes I own!

  6. One of the prettiest greens ever!


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