Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blue Cross Snowman Polish - Green Foil

Technically, this poor little guy doesn't have a name. But he's full of yummy foily green goodness!

Each year at Christmas, Blue Cross puts out these adorable little guys. To my knowledge, they're only sold at Rite Aid, Meijer and Fred Meyer. The colors seem to vary a bit from year to year, and one of the polishes in this year's collection is this stunning green foil.

I was really almost struck speechless when I put this on. This little $1.99 treasure is incredible. The formula is great; in fact, it was really a joy to apply. What you see here is two coats.

And the color... I mean... wow. WOW!

I wish now that I hadn't been quite so conservative when I found these this year. I really should have gotten more of them. I also wish that Blue Cross would make more polishes and have them out year round - and I wish they'd sell these little guys in more places. I am moving to a Rite Aid-free zone soon (with no Meijer or Fred Meyer either), so it's gonna be bit more challenging to get my hands on more of these next Christmas. Blue Cross, are you listening?!

I hope you guys are having a good holiday season. As always, thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful shade of green! I've never seen such a bright green foil. Too bad I have never seen one of these snowmen in real life. Blue Cross, come to my town! :)

  2. That looks so fantastic on you. :)

  3. I've found a very limited variety of these at Albertsons. So maybe MO will have some...

  4. This is really a beautiful green!


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