Friday, June 17, 2011

Zoya Sloane

I've had this polish on my wishlist forEVER! It's one of those core colors that we can get at any time, so it ends up being pushed out of the way for something that's tickling our fancy slightly more any given week. I was SO excited when my buddy Jen sent me this. I just had to wait for a vampy mood to strike me, and today that's exactly what happened.

I would say that Sloane is a plum vampy with shimmer, though the shimmer mainly serves to give the color some depth. I don't mind shimmer hiding as much in vampy colors as much as lighter shades, so I am in no way complaining about the shimmer not wanting to show itself.

She's very dark, but she doesn't really look completely black to me.

I think Sloane has just unseated OPI Black Cherry Chutney as my favorite vampy plum. They're very similar, but Zoya's brush and formula means that it was a LOT less hassle and a TON less cleanup for me than Black Cherry Chutney. These days, stuff like that really matters to me. I'm tired of fighting with polish to get it to look like I want. Zoya rarely disappoints me in that respect, and this is no exception.

And here she is in the sun. BLAMMO, there's that shimmer! Stunning!

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a good week, and thanks for stopping by! Pin It


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