Sunday, June 12, 2011

China Glaze Techno Teal

Techno Teal was the first of China Glaze's Tronica collection that I bought - or, more accurately, my darling husband braved Sally's on his own, armed only with an iPhone, and called me to tell me that the Tronica collection was in and named each shade in turn for me. =) He came home with Techno Teal, Gamer Glam (which I needed for the name) and FingerPaints Carnation Creation... but that's a subject for another post!

I think Techno Teal is an amazing shade. As I've mentioned before, many of us weren't happy when we realized these weren't in your face linear holo polishes, but taken on their own, they really are pretty amazing.

I ended up with two bottles of this baby before Tronica disappeared from stores. I don't buy backups of polishes lightly, but after wearing it once, I knew I never wanted to be without it.

I ended up with Techno Teal x 2, Hyper Haute, Gamer Glam, Virtual Violet and Cyberspace... which is a lot for a collection that I originally turned my nose up at!

They dry fast. The formula has been very good for me, two easy coats, not a lot of pulling or dragging. Beautiful indoors and out, though of course they do come to life a little more in direct sun. No complaints from me about Tronica at all!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your weekend is treating you well!

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  1. Looks beautiful! Now I need to go search this one out :-)

  2. @Liz C. Yes, you do! It is so perfect in so many ways. =)


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