Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Colour Alike 456

Some days you pick up just the right polish. Today is one of those days. I present to you Colour Alike 456.

Colour Alike is a Polish nail polish brand. I received this one in a great swap with my long distance nail buddy over at Hedonism, Ltd. (Thanks, doll!) Colour Alike 456 is simply lovely, a bright, shimmery turquoise blue. See the shimmer?!

I've been complaining a lot lately about polishes that have beautiful shimmer in the bottle, but that don't translate to the nail. I'm thrilled to say that this is NOT one of those. The shimmer is very evident on the nail, almost like a fine glitter. 

I took so many pictures of it! It's just the perfect polish for me today. The application was great, two easy coats. I love these Colour Alikes! 

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  1. Beautiful color! Gorgeous nails and shape too. So pretty.

    Where can one buy this in the USA?

  2. @Anonymous Thank you so much! As far as I know, there's nowhere to buy it in the USA. It's a Polish brand, and I've gotten all of mine from my swap partner in Poland. Sorry. =(

  3. Aw, thanks anyway Noelle.

    Been looking for a shimmery turquoise blue just like this in the USA.

    Saw your beautiful swatches on MUA and google led me to your great blog.

  4. @Anonymous I truly wish that Colour Alike was available here. I absolutely adore the ones that she has sent me. I guess we can't win 'em all!

    Thanks for your sweet comments. It makes me feel so very good that people like my blog! =D


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