Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nail Mail!

When I got back into town last night after two straight weeks with my sweet and amazing husband, I had four packages waiting for me. One was more jewelry supplies, yay! And the other three were awesome polish packages! They didn't make up for my sadness at being apart from my DH again, but they at least perked me up a little bit.

First up was an awesome RAOK (random act of kindness) from my friend Jen over at Spaz & Squee! Most of these have been on my wishlist for quite some time, and I'm sooo excited to have them in my grabby little hands! The nail polish world is not without its drama, but I will never stop being amazed and grateful for the kindness and generosity that most of us share with each other. Thank you, my Nail Bed Twin! *squish*

Then I had another swap package from my friend Aleksandra at Hedonism, Ltd., one of which was my NOTD that I posted earlier. I seriously love these Colour Alike polishes, and I will always jump on the chance to swap for more of them! Love, love, love!

And last but not least, my two Barielles that I ordered during the Haute Look promo a few weeks ago!

Hooray for Nail Mail! ^_^
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  1. Oh good, your comments are working! falling Star is a knockout!

  2. @cilucia *moar squish*

    @Denise Yes, it is! I've wanted it forever, just never could seem to get around to ordering it. Must wear it soon!


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