Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nic's Sticks Rainbow's End

Nic's Sticks are nail polish pens made by Nicole by OPI. I pretty much always ignore them because the brush is terrible, there's not a lot of polish in the pen for the price, and the colors are normally pretty snooze worthy. Then a couple of months ago, two Nic's Sticks started appearing in closeout stores and clearance bins that were actually linear holos - a gold one called Rainbow's End and a silver one called Silver-ella. A few people on MUA ended up finding these at Tuesday Morning and Marshall's. I was out running errands over the weekend and went into Tuesday Morning. These kinds of searches are usually fruitless for me, but I emerged victorious with these!

Yes, three of them... because it takes three of these to equal one normal bottle of polish. My friend Love8Brain over at MUA had typed up a tutorial on how to take these apart to decant them into a normal bottle of polish, so that's what I did. These three silly sticks turned into this:

I put this one for the first time late this afternoon, and I'm absolutely dazzled. It is noticeably holographic even in indoor lighting. I know it would really come to life out in the sun, but it was rainy and overcast all day today. I've done what I could to capture it using a direct light source indoors, and I'm very happy with the way these pictures came out.



Seriously, this is amazing. And the formula is fan-freaking-tastic. Holos are notorious for having hideous formulas, but this one is great. I used my normal base coat, Pro-FX epoxy. Two easy coats, completely non-fussy formula. I love this.

I really want Silver-ella now too. I haven't given up the hunt! Perhaps I shall get lucky!

Happy Friday! =)
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  1. Cool dude. If only I could get lucky in finding these :-/ I guess I'm just usually not very diligent in these matters.

  2. @loodie Yeah, I'm usually diligent for about a half hour before I give up, LOL! This is only the second time I've found any of those white whales that we tend to chase - the first was Sinful Green Ocean in a random Walgreen's. It doesn't happen to me often!

  3. This is super cool! Way prettier than silver holos. Love it :)

  4. I love RE! I need to check my Tuesday Morning

  5. @Nola Yeah, it really is cool! Normally I can't really do golds very well, but this one works very well on me. =)

    @Julie Yes, you need to check. I still haven't found Silver-ella anywhere!


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