Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kleancolor Holo Chrome - Way Too Many Pictures!

Sometimes a polish worms its way into your brain. You see a couple of pictures of it and think that it's pretty. Then you see a couple more... then a couple more. Then you see ONE picture of it that ends up being the straw that breaks the camel's back and you wake up and say, "That's it! I'm going find this polish TODAY." That's what happened with this beauty, Kleancolor Holo Chrome.

Thing is, I don't normally buy Kleancolor. They stink. I know that most nail polish stinks to most people - at least to non-lacquerheads. I expect a certain amount of smell. The stuff is a soup of chemicals, after all. So the first time I bought a Kleancolor, it actually induced a migraine. Yeah, I wasn't gonna run out and buy more of those. 

I'd seen a few people comment that the smell on the newer Kleancolors they've purchased hasn't been so bad. That planted a seed in my brain that maybe I could get past the stench. Then two things happened this week. I saw this post about Holo Chrome over at Nail X Change. Then one of my buddies over at MUA posted a pic of it as her NOTD. I was sold. I had to get my hands on it!

Kleancolors are usually found in smaller, independently owned beauty supply shops (one of the things that we refer to as "dusties" in the nail board vernacular). Most of these dusties don't carry the whole line of Kleancolors, but I thought I remembered venturing into one that had the holos, so off I went. Success! It was late last night before I got to put this gorgeousness on, so I then proceeded to take pictures in every available nook and cranny of my house trying to capture how amazing this polish actually is.

It's a medium purple jelly, almost bordering on blurple, and it is PACKED with fine holographic glitter.

It was a little on the thick side, so I thinned it before using it for the first time. I did three coats, but probably could have gotten away with two. Doing more coats gave the glitter a lot more depth though, so I'm really happy with the effect. It does dry gritty, so I finished it off with one coat of Gelous and then one coat of Pro-FX quick dry top coat. I might have been able to get away with just my top coat, but I didn't want to risk gritty nails.

I finally gave up trying to capture this polish last night, but I ran outside with my camera as soon as I woke up this morning. Gah, looook at it!


A couple of things worth noting. This polish is actually absolutely gorgeous indoors as well. I just was having issues capturing it with the lighting that was available to me last night. My lightbox is fantastic, but it is NOT that great at capturing glitters. So yeah, this is not one of those where you have to be outside to enjoy it. =) Secondly, this one did not smell as bad as the other Kleancolors I've purchased. However, I bought Holo Blue at the same time, and that one does have more of the typical Kleancolor odor. If you're sensitive to smells, you might want to be careful with these if you try them. Some folks have issues with them, some don't.

And lastly, I often talk about how polish is such a great hobby because it's available at all price points. This beauty was $1.29. It really is possible to bring a little happiness and color into your life without breaking the bank!

If you made it through all that, I applaud you. If all you did was look at the pretty pictures, that's fine too, and I don't blame you! Until next time, I hope you all are having a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! =D

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  1. This is so fabulous and I'm so glad you got and love it!! :)

  2. @Nola Thank you, sweets!

    @Lauren Oh yes, it is GREAT! I'm so happy I went ahead and got it! =D

  3. I just discovered your blog because I was looking for swatches of this color on Google and I'm glad I did! I just love your posts!
    What did you use to thin the polish? I just applied mine and had to finish off with 2 coats of Seche Vite because it's so damn thick...

  4. @Ruth Yay, a new person! Thanks so much for tuning in. =)

    I thinned it with Beauty Secrets thinner from Sally's. I'd have still used two coats of top coat, or something like Gelous + top coat, because I can't stand that gritty feeling. But the thinner definitely make it easier to apply. =)

  5. This is my first time in your blog, and I loved it! I was seaching for some swatches of the Kleancolor Holo Chrome and I foung your amazing post. Due to this, I have lost my head and make my first order at Beauty Joint... yes, because here in Portugal we do not have KleanColor ;o(

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I just ordered this yesterday and can't wait! Also, everyone complains about Kleancolor smell. I ordered a 48 piece set (48 polishes) and I couldn't smell it, only if I put my nose right up to it. Maybe Kleancolor changed something about it. Not sure because this is from last year and I got mine May of 2012. :) Just thought I would point that out in case they just changed it so it doesn't smell as much.


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