Thursday, June 23, 2011

Icing Mood Swings - Serene/Stormy

Today I have for you a color changing mood polish, Mood Swings Serene/Stormy by Icing. These polishes change color based on the temperature of your hands, and they come in a variety of shade combinations. This one is the only one that really appealed to me. In the bottle, it's a rich purple with a heavy flash of blue and a ton of shimmer. 

Here it is when my hands were at their warmest. It sort of reminds me of China Glaze Towel Boy Toy.
And here it is when my hands were cooler. It actually gets a bit darker and more purple than this, but it's warm in my house right now and I couldn't keep my hands cold enough to get a pic at its darkest.

The very coolest thing about these polishes, however, is that it gives almost a gradient effect if your nails are on the longer side, with the lighter color on your warmer nail beds and the darker color at the tips where it's cooler. My own nails just barely can show this right now - while my nails are long, my nail beds extend past the tips of my fingers, so that means I only really have about 1mm right now that doesn't have skin under it... not very much to try to show off the gradient. I did take a pic to try to show it, but I'm afraid it's not very noticeable.

Either way, though, I love the color. I love both the dark and lighter shades, so it's a win for me no matter how warm or cold my hands are. These polishes also dry VERY fast and to a matte finish, like a neon or a matte polish would do. I've read that top coats that block UV will inhibit the color change in these polishes, and I did have issues with my Pro-FX top coat with this polish. I used Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat with this mani, and it's working fine with the polish.

I'm a little concerned about wear on this one because I've read that they tend to be chippy, just like mattes and neons can be, but I also don't expect to have it on for long enough for it to really matter. If I needed my mani to last for several days, I would definitely reach for something else. The upside is that with the quick drying time, they're perfect when you need to polish and go. This was completely dry, including top coat, in about 10 minutes. 

As always, thanks for stopping by! =)

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  1. This is fun! It does look like a subtle gradient manicure :)

  2. @Nola Yeah, they are fun! I was fascinated watching it change color as my hands changed temperature today! =)


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