Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FingerPaints Artist's Sapphire - AKA Why My Husband is Awesome

Today I have for you FingerPaints Artist's Sapphire, a deep, shimmery blue with that "lit from within" quality so many of us love so much.

This is one of 13 shades that are on clearance right now at Sally's for $1.99, as I mentioned in this post a few weeks ago. I had never noticed it in the core display before. It's funny how sometimes these gems are right under our noses for a while before we see them.

This polish really doesn't look that remarkable in the bottle either. This is the part about why my husband is awesome. Well... he is awesome for many, many reasons, but the one that's germane to this post is that he has this knack for picking out polish for me. The day I was in Sally's and saw this, I picked it up and put it back down. The exchange that followed went like this:

Him:  You don't want that? It's only $1.99.
Me:  Nah. I have lots of dark blues. Pretty sure it's close to something I have. 
Him:  I don't think it is. It's only $1.99, you should totally get it.
Me:  Nah. Look how dark it is. It's just gonna look black.
Him:  I don't think so. You really should get it. I think you'll be surprised.
Me:  Hmm, okay. I guess since it's only $1.99....

Did I also mention he's persistent when he has this feeling about a polish?? =) He's never wrong about this stuff. Never. It's uncanny, and I love it. That's why he's my favorite polish shopping partner. The closest thing I have to this is OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue, which is... not very close at all, as it turns out!

I left the big old red LAST CHANCE sticker on there so you know that time is running out to pick this up if you want it. It's really so amazing, and my experience is that once FingerPaints polishes are gone, they are well and truly gone. I think it's because of the limited distribution through Sally's, so there just aren't as many sources for them to start out with. It's a challenge even trying to swap for these once they're gone.

And lastly, here's a pic of it in full sun. Ah-maze-ing!

Thanks for stopping by, as always! And to my DH - thanks again, honey! You were totally right! =D

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  1. Wow! Your husband sounds SO cool! As a completely unbiased outsider who has nothing to gain in this matter, I think he deserves at least a backrub or two for that ... maybe even breakfast in bed or something.



  2. @Bryan with a Y I know, right? He totally deserves breakfast in bed.

  3. lol, your DH seems so good-natured :) better than mine... "here, get this pale sheer pink!!!"

    *hangs self*

    BTW, DBF went to bed early tonight... I'm wondering if I should go in and hover over him to see if he'll freak out again.

  4. @cilucia He's amazingly good-natured, as evidence by his subtle hints for breakfast in bed above! =)

    I would be hovering in there like a helicopter to see what happens LOL


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