Monday, April 30, 2012

Nail-Venturous Lacquer - Robin Laid an Egg

What a shocker - another indie polish! =D I got really lucky the last time Amy opened her Etsy shop, and I was able to snag Robin Laid an Egg, as well as Hidden Potential. Robin Laid an Egg was  a HUGE lemming of mine, now happily fulfilled.

Blue glitter, pink glitter and yellow glitter of various sizes suspended in a milky white base. I just cannot get enough of these glitters in milky bases these days. I've never been one to really wear white polish, but these just call to me for some reason.

The formula on Robin Laid an Egg is pretty darn good for a white polish - I think I'd have wanted it to be the slightest bit more jelly than it is, but the glitters all show through really well and I didn't have to dig to get a good mix of glitter on the brush. I found it to be slightly thick, but it was nearly opaque in two coats. I was happier with at three coats, but it dried super fast even at three coats.

Amy's Etsy shop is closed for a while as she's taking a break from making polish for now. According to her Facebook page, she expects to be back in 4-8 weeks. Her shop is here, and you can sign up to be notified when she returns.

Yes, I have indie fever! Such a great time to love polish! =D

Wear update: I don't comment much on wear generally speaking because I usually change my polish too often to really be able to tell. But I ended up wearing Robin Laid an Egg for five days, and it looked perfect when I took it off last night. I had some growth, of course, but I didn't even have tipwear. I'm very impressed!
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  1. This is so beautiful!!! O_O It looks amazing on you!!

  2. Amazing. And I love that name! lol

  3. The name is funny, I have to admit that! And the colour is really nice, those indie polishes just rock!

  4. Such a lovely polish! I really hope next time she opens I will be able to grab some of her creations ;)


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