Sunday, April 1, 2012

SinfulColors Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is the last shade I bought from the SinfulColors Girls in Pearls Sheer Shimmer collection, and I do believe it's my favorite. Sweet Dreams is the bright aqua cousin of Morning Star, with the same soft glass flecked type finish.

Note - Please excuse the jaundiced looking fingers. It took me four different lighting setups to finally get color accurate pics of this baby, and it took a warmer toned light to make that happen, which turned my fingers far more yellow than they actually are. The polish is pretty color accurate though, go figure.

I think that the formula on Sweet Dreams was slightly better than either Morning Star or Cinderella, though I did thin it slightly before using it. It only took me two coats for full opacity on this one as opposed to three on the others though, so that made me quite happy.

I love this finish so much that I'm seriously considering going back for the other shades (there's a pink, an orange and a yellow) even though I don't really wear those that often. I just love how soft these look, while still being so bright and beautiful for spring.

So there you go, my favorite of the new SinfulColors shades. =) Happy Sunday, Happy April (Can you believe it's already April?!), and thanks for reading!
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  1. Ohh I must have this! love your nails!

  2. I picked up this one and Morning Star the other day, wearing Sweet Dreams right now as a matter of fact-- such an amazing, Spring-y turquoise! And I was thinking the same thing; I regret not getting the other colors as well for that beautiful texture. :s The coral looked really pretty!

  3. This is so stunning!!! I love it! :D

  4. very cute!!!!!!!!!!

  5. amazing color!I love your nails are beautiful:)


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