Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dollish Polish Expecto Patronum

You know how awesome it is when you really want a polish, and then when you finally get it, it actually exceeds your expectations? That's what happened to me with Expecto Patronum. =)

I had wanted this polish for months, and I finally bit the bullet last time Dollish Polish restocked. I ordered this one and Cold Winds Are Rising (Game of Thrones, yeah!), and I decided to wear Expecto Patronum first. Because it's white, and because it's a jelly, I expected to have issues with streaking and opacity. The little bits of beautiful teal peeking out convinced me that any work I had to do to make Expecto Patronum look good would be worth it. 

This is the part where it exceeded my expectations. After one coat, I actually gasped at how pretty it is. After two coats, I was shocked that I wasn't seeing streaks and that it was almost opaque. Three coats, and it was perfection.

The end result is this delicate, ethereal beauty. It dried quickly, even at three coats, and it's smooth with just one coat of top coat. I really can't believe how much I love this polish.

I mean... wow. Just wow.

Dollish Polish is available at Dolly's Etsy Store for now, but she has said that she's relocating soon, so keep an eye on her Etsy page so you know what's up. Just like a lot of the indie brands these days, she does close the store occasionally so that she's able to keep up with the demand. But I promise, this polish is completely worth it.

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  1. I love how this looks. And I ADORE the name, it's such an epic win!

  2. I JUST did a post on this too!! I am in LOVE!!! Great pics, gorgeous nails :)

  3. Gorgeous!!! Wonderful swatch and review, too! :D

  4. I thought I would hate the randomness of the gitters and the sheerness of the base color but I actually liked it more than I thought I would. it is prettier on you though.


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